Why Have a Boat Surveyed?

Why Have a Boat Surveyed?

Buying a Used Boat

There are many reasons to have a boat inspected by a qualified marine surveyor. When you buy a used yacht, you want the assurance that it is in as good a condition as it appears.

Hopefully the survey will be successful and the purchase can go ahead without further ado. However, most used boats will have some items that are less than perfect: the owner is not selling a new boat and you are not buying one. Therefore you need to know what  (if any) repairs or modifications are needed, how urgent they may be, and the likely cost and time involved. I grade the survey recommendations and suggestions so that you will have a clear idea of the timescale within which they should be completed.

The cost of a yacht survey is only a small fraction of the purchase price of the vessel. In return you get either peace of mind in knowing the craft is serviceable, or the opportunity to renegotiate the price if defects are found. Ultimately, you may want to reject the yacht if serious or ‘material’ defects come to light. That is of course only a ‘worse case’ and usually when seller and buyer are in possession of all the survey facts the Yacht Broker can work out a fair and reasonable solution.

Bear in mind that even if the boat has a recent survey report, it will not be assigned to you and you will have no come-back if it subsequently proves to be wrong. In any case, the yacht could have been damaged after it was last surveyed.

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Your insurers will want to see a structural survey and valuation from a qualified surveyor if the yacht is more than about 20 years old. A pre-owned boat is not expected to be entirely free of defects, but you will want to know the implications before buying. Even if you know the yacht well, there may well be defects that neither the owner nor you are aware of.

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Buying New Yachts

If you have ordered a new yacht, you may want it checked over before taking delivery. Even if it has a warranty, you won’t want your long-awaited cruise spoiled by some defect or omission, whether it is going to be rectified free of charge or not.

In the case of larger new yachts with a wealth of customer-specified options, you may want independent advice, progress-chasing and supervision during build.

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When you instruct an experienced marine surveyor, you also have the opportunity to discuss findings and get advice afterwards, which I consider a key part of the service I provide.


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