Tonnage Measurement Surveys

Tonnage Measurement Surveys

Tonnage Measurement surveys are part of the process of obtaining Part-1 British Registration for your yacht, for which you need a Tonnage Certificate.

I carry out Tonnage Measurements of vessels up to 14m Length Over-All (LOA) on behalf of the YBDSA. That can be carried out during a pre-purchase survey or other work, if required.

The yacht may be in the water during the process, although it is more accurate if it is ashore.

The ‘Tonnage’ figure does not bear any relation to the yacht’s weight. The certificate only identifies it by its principle dimensions, engine types & serial numbers.

I hold copies of the necessary application forms, and can provide them if required, but they are more readily available as downloads from the YBDSA.


Benefits of Registration

Registration on Part I of the British Registry entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Helps you to prove title to your boat
  • Allows you to register a marine mortgage
  • Provides internationally acceptable documentation to ease passage to foreign ports
  • Entitles you to the protection of the Royal Navy and the services of British Consuls
  • Can enhance the resale of your vessel
  • Provides proof of date of build in respect of the EU Recreational Craft Directive
  • Ensures that your boat’s name is unique on the Part I Register



The costs are set out at In outline, the cost of tonnage measurement for British registration through the YBDSA is currently (2014):

Vessel in UK

Under 15 metres overall     £175

Over 15 metres and under 24 metres Load-Line Length     £225

Vessel outside UK

Under 15 metres overall     £230

Over 15 metres and under 24 metres Load-Line Length     £285

Overseas Registries

Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Red Ensign countries such as Cayman Is, BVI, Jersey, Turks & Caicos Is, etc:

Up to 24m Load-Line Length     £275

These figures do not include my travel and mileage expenses, if the yacht is some distance from the office.


Who May Register?

You may register if you are:

  • A British citizen
  • A non-UK national exercising your right of freedom of movement of workers or right of establishment
  • A British Dependant Territories citizen
  • A British Overseas citizen
  • A British subject under the British Nationality Act 1981(a)


Boats need to be re-registered every five years, for which the cost is currently only £49. Delay in re-registration of over a year may result in a requirement for re-measurement.

Further details are available on the Registry site at, or contact me to arrange your survey. Please don’t leave it until the week before you sail, as both the YBDSA office and the MCA registration office get very busy in the summer months.


Call 01929 480064 or email Anthony Byrde to discuss your own requirements further