Marine Damage Surveys

Marine Damage Surveys

For marine damage surveys on behalf of underwriters, please go the Claims page.

Private damage surveys will be made in accordance with your own requirements. The inspection will be mainly confined to the damaged areas.

If your yacht is involved in an accident, your insurers will usually appoint their own surveyor, but in some cases you may nevertheless wish to instruct your own surveyor.

Underwriters in some cases may ask you to get a damage report after an incident, and forward it to them.

The survey inspection will be mainly confined to the damaged areas. It helps to have as full account of the incident as you can provide, to determine what may have been damaged or otherwise affected.

The report will set out detailed specifications for repairs, with a view to obtaining quotations, if that is required.

I can obtain alternative quotes, liaise with repairers, supervise work, confirm it has been properly completed, and finally check the invoices are fair and reasonable.

Damage surveys and follow-up work are usually charged at an hourly rate.

The work requires wide knowledge and practical experience of the results of different types of damaging incidents. I have been working in this field for 30 years.


Call 01929 480064 or email Anthony Byrde to discuss your own requirements further