Marine Project Supervision

Marine Project Supervision

New Build

I can help you get the best out of your new yacht by assisting with all aspects of its creation, from the first selection of options and equipment to the final sea trials and delivery. In the past few years I have supervised construction of power craft from 60′ up to 95′. I am ideally sited for overseeing new-builds at Sunseeker International.

I carry out regular visits to ensure the correct construction of the craft, and confirm that the owner-specified options and variations are installed. I will advise you or your representatives when the payment stages have been reached. I have systems in place to liaise with builders and identify snags as they develop and are dealt with.

I can supervise work form any stage, but naturally it is more productive if I am in at the beginning stages of a project.

For more details please contact me for a consultation.


Refits & Restorations

I have long experience of the supervision of refits, alterations and repairs from my time running a yacht repair yard

The work runs from drawing up specifications in accordance with your requirements, advising on suitable contractors, supervising the work, reporting on progress, up to the final delivery checks and trials.

Please call me to discuss the project you have in mind.


Osmosis Repair Supervision

I frequently supervise osmosis repairs. The process will be successful provided all the stages are meticulously completed to the correct standard, which is where a strict survey routine can pay dividends. In outline, the main tasks are to:

  • Agree the specification and quote.
  • Confirm the gelcoat removal and surface preparation is all correct.
  • Measure moisture content all over the hull, and mark selected spots to record and compare readings as the hull dries.
  • Confirm that the yacht has reached the correct level of dryness, and then giving the Yard the formal go-ahead to begin the coating process.
  • Inspect the priming coat application.
  • Inspect any minor fairing and at least a part of the epoxy-glass lay-up process.
  • Inspect at least one of the protective epoxy coating applications.
  • Inspect the finished repairs, and advise on the invoice.


I have a wide knowledge of the technical expertise required for this type of repair work, and can recommend alternative yards if you need advice.

Contact me for a Consultation

Call 01929 480064 or email Anthony Byrde to discuss your own requirements further