Steel Boat Survey

Steel Boat Survey

Steel Hulls and Decks

For a steel boat survey, the plating and reinforcements are gauged with modern ultrasonic equipment which does away with the need to remove sound paint coatings. The places for gauging are carefully selected to be those where corrosion is most likely to occur.

The welds are visually inspected.

The hull and deck surface are hammer-sounded to assess those areas that gauging may have missed.

I also inspect the interior of the hull, and underside of the deck, wherever those are accessible. Modern sprayed-on insulation sometimes make that impossible: one has to do ones best in those circumstances. Insulation does protect against damaging condensation and water pooling, but can hide damage if it is not comprehensively applied. I look for signs for damage that may be apparent in spite of the insulation.

Particular consideration is paid to paint and cathodic protective schemes, on which the longevity of steel structures depends.

The hull and deck are examined for deformation that may be the result of inadequate construction scantlings, although some ‘ribbing’ is common on lightly constructed vessels and is not normally a problem.

Surveying steel requires a thorough knowledge of the method of construction: using an ultrasonic gauge without first establishing where corrosion is likely to occur is a waste of time. (The most damaging wastage is usually along tank-tops and other such places where water can lodge unseen).

It is therefore very helpful if you can provide the yacht’s construction drawings, and in particular the specifications for the thickness of steel used in different zones.



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